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Request Pest Control Services As Low As RM170 on Kaodim Malaysia

Got a termite problem that needs fixing stat? Enlist pest control services around Malaysia on Kaodim and get connected to multiple vendors without the hassle.

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Hire The Best Service Providers Near You Now From Kaodim

Not even almost but all services you need such as home improvement, events, lessons and many more. Hire the best service providers near you now. Click to get the deal.

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Cleaning Service From RM80 via Kaodim

Can't seem to find the time in your schedule for a bout of spring cleaning? Find, compare and hire reputable cleaning services around Malaysia starting at just RM80 for 4 hours or service.

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Kaodim Carpet Cleaning From RM0.80

Enjoy Kaodim services at lowest prices. Carpet cleaning from RM0.80 - RM2/sq feet. Click to get the deal and learn more.

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Latest Deals & Promo Codes by Subscribing To Newsletter

Make sure to sign up for Kaodim's mailing list and never miss a good deal! Enjoy a number of benefits like instant access to news and special members-only promo codes.

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Laundry Services from RM6

Without using any Kaodim promo code you may enjoy wash & fold, clean & press, curtains, rugs, from RM6 per KG. Get your laundry picked up at your doorstep and done by verified specialists!


Get Discounts When You Digitalise Your Lock!

Tighten your home security with Science's cutting-edge technology. Get 50% Off your installation and an additional RM50 Off selected Kaodim services.

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You Are Never Too Old to Learn Something New

3 steps to finding the best teachers for you, click to get the deal and find out more!


Catering Available At Kaodim!

Need catering for your big event? Kaodim is the right place for you! Book catering from the best food providers in your area and make giant savings!

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Get RM100 Off Kaodim

Kaodim connects you to the best Broad-Band Plans & get RM100 discount your first month! Click to get the deal and find out more.

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Health & Fitness Services At Kaodim!

Stay fit and healthy with Kaodim! Book anything you need from healthy catering to person training. Save big with Kaodim

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Get an Affordable Home Renovation Makeover!

Everyone wants to live in their dream home, but sometimes think that such dreams may be too expensive to achieve. Read up on how you can get your home makeover the affordable way at Kaodim. Click to get the deal.

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Kaodim Chinese New Year Sale 2019: RM18 Off

Use this Kaodim promo code on everything except moving, spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, pest control, AC servicing, sofa cleaning, plumbing repair. And, enjoy RM18 off


Kaodim Chinese New Year Sale 2019: RM18 Off

USe this Kaodim promo code on everything except moving, spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, pest control, AC servicing, sofa cleaning, plumbing repair. And, enjoy RM18 off


Kaodim Chinese New Year 2019: RM28 Off Plumbing Repair

Click to reveal the code and sue this Kaodim promo code to get RM28 discount on Plumbing Repair.


Kaodim Chinese New Year 2019: RM28 Off Electrical Wiring / Power Point

Click to reveal the code and sue this Kaodim promo code to get RM28 discount on Electrical Wiring / Power Point.


Kaodim Chinese New Year 2019: RM38 Off Sofa Cleaning

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Kaodim discounts

There are days when we feel like we want to do everything ourselves and we feel empowered to do so. On other days, we just don’t have the power or the willingness. And it’s ok too, especially that in this age, we can hire other people to do it for us. How do you find a service provider that will do their job very well and one you will be able to recommend to others? It’s easy, just use Kaodim – your service providers’ browser.

Find a service provider with Kaodim

Picodi provides you with a service that is very useful every single day. It’s available 365 days a year, and it never stops to find promotions appropriate for you and your family. When you subscribe, you will soon see how great and helpful it is. The best thing about it, though, it’s completely free of charge!


The principle behind Kaodim is really simple – whenever you need a service provider, you need to find someone you can trust. Someone who will do it just as well as you would have or even better. So tell Kaodim what is it that you need and what service you require. Then, tell them the address – is it your home, your office or perhaps a completely different venue? The system will match you with an appropriate person in no time, and you’ll have a possibility to choose the best one. Finally, when the job is done, you can pay directly to the service provider. This way you can objectively assess the quality and talk to the person about how you rate their work.

How to search for providers with Kaodim?

So what kind of services are available on Kaodim? When you need someone for your house work, you’ll find air-con and plumber services, and when you need to organize a party, someone else can cook, cater and even bake cookies for you. Having trouble keeping your house clean at all times? Don’t worry or feel ashamed, everyone has hired or is going to hire professional cleaning service at least once in their life. This way you can focus on more important things.

Keeping fit and healthy is important, especially when you’re stressed all the time, and you don’t know how to take proper care of yourself. Kaodim can help you with it by matching you do the right fitness and personal trainers, as well as health food and beverage providers. Are you feeling strong enough to move to another place? You’ll find movers and relocators in your neighborhood that will take great care of your belongings. You will not have to spend more than a day or two on moving if you hire the right person or company.

Available professionals

Do you have a company and you’re watching every penny you spend? Kaodim will help you find the right hardware and software support as well as office maintenance services. If you don’t want to or cannot tie yourself to one provider with a contract, find freelance writers, computer geeks and more with Kaodim. Remember that life-long learning is important and start lessons on various subjects in your spare time. Looking for some one-on-one time with a teacher when they can devote all of their professional attention to you? The platform will help you with that as well.

Download the app

Kaodim promo codes

Don’t feel bad just because you can’t do something yourself. We are not gods, and we all have our unique talents, which is why we should let others earn their living by helping us. With Kaodim it’s easy, just:

  • Subscribe to Picodi to be informed of great new deals. When you see one, visit the platform and see what’s available.
  • Remember to double check the expiration date and terms and conditions. When you find your perfect deal, click on it. A promo code popped up? Copy it.
  • Go to Kaodim’s website and start searching for a service provider of your choice. When you see the perfect match, book them.
  • When you’re asked, enter your promo code. Remember that you make the payment after the service has been provided.
  • Enjoy!


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Don't forget that Picodi is available all year long. Check it out whenever you want, especially the deals to Honestbee.

Kaodim, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2018 and Cyber Monday 2018 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!