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In the world where data protection is of utmost importance, you cannot underestimate the power of online security software. It’s true both for the businesses and ordinary people. The times in which we live are highly digitalised, which makes things more comfortable on the one hand and more difficult on the other. If you’re looking for solutions which you can trust, make sure you visit a dedicated AVG’s online store.

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Picodi operates in the digital world which is why it knows just how vital it is to protect your identity online. With a comprehensive offer of promotions to AVG and other outlets on the internet, you can save your money and know you’re visiting a safe website.

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AVG is for everyone who understands what threats are hiding in the corners of the digital world. Perhaps you have read about them or you know someone who has been the victim of cybercrime. Or maybe it was you? It doesn’t matter - if you want to know your safety is in good hands, AVG is your service and product provider. How does it work?

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Whether you have a PC/laptop or an original Mac product, you can be sure that AVG is the right security software for you. It’s designed to protect you from the viruses which are being spread on the internet almost always and its database of malware is continuously updated to help you stay on top of the subject. Choose AVG Ultimate if you want the entire package and you want all of your essential data to remain intact. If you’re operating on the internet as an everyday person, you can go for AVG AntiVirus Free to see if it’s right for you or AVG Internet Security.

What about Mac users? They needn’t worry either. You can go for AVG Cleaner for Mac, AVG AntiVirus for Mac and AVG Secure VPN for Mac. So not only you are protected from new viruses, but also if you already have one on your device, AVG will help you get rid of it. And what if your world revolves around mobile devices and this is what you use the internet on? Fear not, you can get a comprehensive security package as well. Try AVG AntiVirus for Android, AVG Cleaner for Android, AVG Secure NPN for Android and AVG VPN for iOs. Don’t forget to explore more products on the website to choose the best one for yourself.

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Now you don’t have to go to your nearest AVG selling outlet to get your licence because everything can be done online in the comfort of your own home and at the time most convenient for you. AVG gives you an opportunity to purchase, download and upgrade the licence for your personal needs or your business. If you professionally deal with financial transactions and you handle your employees’ or clients’ data, this internet security software should be your weapon of choice in the fight with cyber-crime. Explore some of its most popular products: AVG Internet Security Business Edition, AVG AntiVirus Business Edition, AVG File Service Business Edition, AVG PC TuneUp Business Edition, AVG Antivirus for Android or iOs Business Editions. You can also compare products to see which one meets all of your requirements and is the best value for money.

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