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A timeless gift of love

Times change and people do too, but there’s one thing that we still love to receive from others. Everyday people out there get married, have kids and birthdays and the thing that’s still one of the favourites in the present’s department are flowers. Always delivered or given with good wishes and words of comfort, bring a smile to millions across the globe. With Interflora, you can make someone else’s day with something as beautiful and as simple as a flower.

Interflora Flowers

If you think that bouquets are expensive, think again. Picodi can give you tools that will effectively lower the prices you pay on flowers for that special someone. For any occasion and tailored to everyone’s personal taste, order yours today.

For needs big or small

Regardless of whether you’re organizing a big surprise party, a small wedding or simply preparing a bouquet for Valentine’s Day, a flower can say a thousand words. There’s a reason why some of them are considered inappropriate for a specific occasion. That’s where experienced and knowledgeable customer service can help you. With advice relating to types of flowers and the size of the composition, they’ll tell you what the best solution to your problem is.

Interflora RosesYou can choose from some of the readymade designs that have proven very popular with customers in the past or create your own bouquet that will be the embodiment of the other person’s personality. Flowers used in every composition are as fresh as they can be and if you opt for a dedicated delivery service, it’ll be nothing short of excellent and timely. Do you need something slightly different? Choose indoor or outdoor plants that can be given to people who don’t like bouquets and prefer to receive a bit more durable gifts.

For proms and other celebrations, you can opt for head combs and corsages made of natural flowers and ribbons. With such delicate designs and perfect fitting, all ladies participating will feel extra special and beautiful. Same day delivery is available on some of the arrangements so ask away if you need any advice.

With Interflora personal touch, weddings, funerals, christenings and other important events will be accompanied by stunning centerpieces that will complement any space, big or small. Wedding packages will also save you plenty of money and time you would otherwise spend on planning flower arrangements. You can now have some peace of mind in at least one area.

Interflora wedding

Picodi’s stand on flowers

If you want to save some money on flower arrangements of any kind, take a look below:

  1. Find the deal you want to use in the list. Pay attention to the date because some of them might have an expiry date.

  2. Copy the code you received from Picodi and go to Interflora’s website.

  3. Check what the broad catalogue of flower arrangements has to offer to you and choose whichever bouquet you feel is the nicest.

  4. When you’ve finished ordering, simply click on the basket icon on the top of the page. The number next to it will tell you how many items you have.

  5. Check if everything is right with your basket and paste the code you got from Picodi into the correct window.

  6. Follow the instructions on the payment’s page to finalise the order.

Interflora Delphinum

You have just made someone else smile, so why not celebrate by ordering some food from Deliveroo?

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