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HomeAway Offer: Stay in Bangkok From HK$77!


HomeAway CNY Promo Code: 8% Off Your Booking

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More about HomeAway:

Home-style holidays

Due to low plane fares, travelling has become much cheaper than it used to be even ten years ago. Services and products have generally become more affordable but more can be done. Still one of the biggest costs we need to bear is the hotel stay. Those of us who want to feel at home when on vacation, should use HomeAway website to find their perfect stay. There is no better place to get your homey accommodation booked.

Explore the best stay with HomeAway

With Picodi you can go even further with your savings. Promotions available on the website can be used anytime, anywhere and result in savings up to 90%! When you book your stay with Picodi, you have so much more money to spend on something else, whilst on holiday, so it’s definitely an option you should explore.

What is HomeAway

Staying in a hotel can be just fine but can you truly be yourself there? What if you don’t want to spend too much time within the four walls, and instead you’d rather explore the culture and visit interesting places? Why should you pay for the accommodation you’re not really using?

HomeAway is different. It contains types of places owned by real people who decide to rent out spaces in their homes to tourists. From a small room to luxurious villas with swimming pools, there’s something for every budget and every taste. Holidays are supposed to meet our every need that pile up during a busy year. We work tirelessly to have those two weeks of total leisure and relax. It’s no wonder we’re looking for a place that is just right and won’t disappoint us. So with such a vast range of places to stay available on the website, you’re sure to find something perfect.

Popular trip destinations

The system works just like any other hotel booking website. You find your space, make a secure payment and enjoy your holidays. What’s so great about it is that this type of vacation is much more exciting. By staying with the locals, you get to learn about culture, eat local cuisine and enjoy the same activities they do. There’s no better way to make friends for life than to live with them.

Do you want to rent the entire house because you’re going on holidays with your family? Do you want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that hotels just can’t give you? That’s exactly what HomeAway is offering you. You and your family will have once in a lifetime experience this next vacation.

Booking at HoweAway, so easy!

How to use it?

The easiest way to use the service is simply entering the destination, dates of check-in and check-out and the number of people. After clicking ‘Search’ the system will automatically find all available accommodation places that suit your dates of arrival and departure. If you can’t find anything you like, you can further filter your searches by adjusting the menu. Choose between entire home or private room with a number of beds and amenities. Set your price range and tick the things you want to experience while on vacation. If, for example, all you need is a beach holiday, rentals in close proximity to the sea will be listed first.

Save on holidays with HomeAway

When you finally see what you like, simply click on it to learn more about this specific place and the person who is renting it out. You can see the total price, photos of the entire house or room, additional amenities for you to use, and the full description. Some hosts offer discounts to members so you have the chance to save even more. You can then decide to contact them for more info or simply book straight away. Your choice!

What Picodi does to help?

You have the chance to get even more offers and Homeaway coupons when you first look at Picodi. Simply:

  1. See above which offers are available at the moment. Is it for a specific city or maybe a type of experience?

  2. Click on the deal and copy the code if you received one. If not, you’ll be redirected to HomeAway’s website right this moment.

  3. Search for accommodation using the guidelines above. Read carefully through each description and if in doubt, contact the host to clarify.

Even 39% off on rooms

  1. Book your stay if you’re happy with your choice. You should pay straight away and if you received a code from Picodi, now is the time to use it.

  2. Now that it’s booked, you can relax and plan your holiday in more detail. You can, for example, visit local Picodi site to find deals on visiting landmarks or dining in local restaurants.

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