• Leadership and ownership of Picodi product development in order to achieve Company Target: new buyers
  • Creation, Execution, Evaluation and Maintenance the most effective product roadmap focused on bringing new buyers to Picodi by leveraging current platform trio: mobile app, browser extension, web
  • Leading the product team
  • Finding and utilizing synergies across existing platforms
  • Ownership of the complete user journeys
  • Increasing current end-to-end funnel conversion: session/installation → first purchase
  • Designing and specifying new features and A/B tests
  • Ongoing monitoring on the product component of Company Target: new buyers and reporting directly to the Company Board

What we expect

  • You had sole responsibility for growing a standalone online product, better yet owning a connected set of products e.g. a complete user funnel
  • You had spent at least 12 months focusing on one product, or group of products
  • You had led your own product team consisting of e.g. product owners, project managers, researchers, UX/UI designers, analysts
  • You have been working within build-measure-learn loop (ongoing A/B tests) to improve your product
  • You have specified product feature requests to be developed by the engineering teams
  • You have produced UX wireframes, UI mockups, or you have been directly involved in creation of those
  • You had been accountable for particular KPIs and you have been focused on improving such KPIs
  • You can prove that your particular initiatives have resulted in significant boost of products’ KPIs
  • You can clearly explain your direct impact on those initiatives, at the greatest level of details
  • You can explain in great detail, basing on data why did you assess particular initiatives to be successful or unsuccessful
  • You can explain why and how you picked particular initiatives to be put into production at the specific time, and what challenges you overcame during scoping of the initiatives
  • You have experience with at least 1 of the following kind of platforms: mobile apps, web, browser extensions, if you have worked with at least 2 it is an extra advantage
  • You have loudly voiced your opinions, thoughts and feedback to your manager and the team in a compelling manner, ultimately achieving your desired outcomes.
  • You have directly ordered reports creation for your product, or you have produced the reports yourself
  • Knowledge and experience of mobile and web analytics tools
  • Having worked in big ecommerce company for significant amount of time will be an advantage
  • Having reported directly to the Board of the company or the Shareholders will be an advantage

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There are a lot of reasons that make working at Picodi special.

Fun events after hours

Games, parties, dinners and trips from time to time – we really believe in team spirit.

Only valuable projects

No boring tasks, no useless work that goes unnoticed. We simply don’t waste time here.

Custom-made careers

Picodi leaders will invest their time to help you rapidly develop your skills and reach a next level in your career.

Attractive perks

Private health care, fresh fruits every other day, exclusive coupon codes… and even more such stuff in the future.

Flexible work hours

“Check in at 8:00 am. or else … ”

No. It’s also not what you can experience here.

No heavy corpo-like culture

Wondering about the dress code or how much space your box have?
Well, just forget it.