• Leadership and ownership of all Picodi marketing channels and projects
  • Accountability for the effective use of the marketing budget to acquire high-quality traffic and installations that will translate into the Company Target: new buyers
  • Leading people in the marketing department, including specialists in PPC advertising, SEO, SEM, Social Media and analysts
  • Optimizing new buyer acquisition costs, and greatly increasing the scale of current marketing activities
  • Leveraging Picodi presence on 44 markets to execute global and multilocal marketing initiatives and channel strategies
  • Generating, organizing and executing ideas for viral marketing campaigns and communicating functional needs resulting from these ideas
  • Ongoing monitoring on the marketing component of Company Target: new buyers and reporting directly to the Company Board

What we expect

  • You can allocate the marketing budget effectively towards channels and marketing activities that will translate into high-quality traffic and installations
  • You can effectively reach target audience and understand how to acquire high-quality traffic and installations through various marketing channels and initiatives.
  • You can manage the acquisition of traffic and users holistically, understanding and optimizing channels on your own or with the help of a team.
  • You have directly managed at least one of our key channels in a reasonable-sized company in the past, including PPC, SEO, or SEM.
  • You have successfully executed campaigns/activities on time and within budget in the past.
  • You have practical experience in building Lead Generation processes/funnels.
  • You can generate or efficiently gather smart ideas for viral marketing campaigns and communicate the functional needs resulting from these ideas in a clear and unambiguous way.
  • You have experience in the e-commerce industry or in building a B2C brand and traffic for a digital product (web or mobile) that involved transactions
  • You have experience in managing people, working with them, and developing their skills. In particular, you have experience working with specialists in Social Media, PPC advertising, SEO, and SEM.
  • Having experience with global or multilocal traffic acquisition or building global brand in the past will be an advantage
  • You can lead and inspire the team towards achieving common goals while also performing tasks alongside them.
  • You know how to use analytical and marketing tools, both web and mobile, to draw conclusions and create effective marketing strategies.
  • Your deep technological knowledge of marketing platforms and tools will be an advantage
  • You are ready to take over an existing team and accept its mode of operation while introducing changes that will increase its effectiveness

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There are a lot of reasons that make working at Picodi special.

Fun events after hours

Games, parties, dinners and trips from time to time – we really believe in team spirit.

Only valuable projects

No boring tasks, no useless work that goes unnoticed. We simply don’t waste time here.

Custom-made careers

Picodi leaders will invest their time to help you rapidly develop your skills and reach a next level in your career.

Attractive perks

Private health care, fresh fruits every other day, exclusive coupon codes… and even more such stuff in the future.

Flexible work hours

“Check in at 8:00 am. or else … ”

No. It’s also not what you can experience here.

No heavy corpo-like culture

Wondering about the dress code or how much space your box have?
Well, just forget it.