More about Wotif:

Wotif is an online tool provides a framework that connects customers with thousands of flights, hotels, holidays, activities and car rental companies. The company is very popular among Australians and New Zealanders – Wotif shares some insight into its operations and states that half of Australians and twenty-five percent of New Zealanders used Wotif to make a holiday reservation since the start of the company at the beginning of this century.

Visit Wotif!

Using one portal to book a reservation on multiple things bundled together is a real money-saver. But why should you consider Wotif if there are a lot of other similar sites? Well, there are number of reasons.

  • Unlike others, Wotif does not charge you with any additional proxy fees when you are booking a room, a trip of a plane.
  • The best price promise. Wotif declares that their prices are the best and therefore if you find a better deal somewhere else, they will match it. So if you find a cheaper accommodation or flight and hotel as a package within 24 hours of your booking time, they will get you a better deal. If you are eligible with certain criteria you can fill an application form and they will process it and notify you with the result. If you didn’t book already, you can call them and ask if this particular offers qualifies for their price promise program.
  • Great opinions. Wotif is known for its very good reputation both among locals and foreigners. More than 1.5 million Aussies shared their positive reviews and more than 45,000 customers awarded Wotif with 87% mark in feefo online rating service.
  • Great discounts. There are three different deals that Wotif has to offer – Flaming deal, which are current promos; Mystery Hotels with luxurious resorts for up to 40% less and Mates Rates – a member only 10% discount.
  • Multiple payment methods – Wotif accepts all popular payment methods like Visa or MasterCard, those less popular like AMEX and there is even an option to pay later.

Check it out!

First, you should take part in Mates Rates program. Those are members-only exclusive deals with prices even 10% lower than those available to non-members. Go to the Wotif website and focus on the top – there’s an “Account” link, where you can become a member and get the best deals. Another way to keep more dollars in your pocket is using Wotif app. You can download the app by going to Wotif website and type in your phone number in form that looks like this:

Get the best deals

Type it in and click “Send” and you will receive a download link in no time. When you install the app you are on a fast track to get some exclusive Wotif deal for mobile users. Perhaps the most interesting option to save money on Wotif is little something called “Mystery Hotels.” It’s what it sounds like – a thrilling experience. Mystery Hotels is the part of the website where you can choose between great hotels for even 40% discount. All of them are either 4 or 5 star hotels in the location of your choosing. One may ask: how come the price is so low? And it’s perfectly good question with a simple answer: those are exclusive deals from Wotif partners for rooms that they didn’t sell yet, but want them booked and filled. That’s great, but where’s the mystery in that? Well, you get to choose the location, but the name of the hotel will be revealed to you only after you make a reservation. So technically you won’t know what you will get, but rest assured, it will be a great place. It’s like they say – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The lowest prices are there!

You can always sign up for Wotif newsletter and who knows, maybe you will receive some Wotif coupon codes one day in your e-mail? It’s certainly worth a try. And of course, there’s an old fashion regular “Sale” section on the website, so you can go there to browse and find great opportunities for a perfect holiday. Don’t wait – go to Wotif, the home of holidays.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, don’t worry. Just check other similar websites like Airbnb – modern couch surfing website, BudgetAir that gathers thousand of great offers and Qantas airline that has got flights at every price point.

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