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Wiggle promo codes is a popular UK-based online store specialising in cycle, swim and run products. Now it's also open for the Australian sports' enthusiasts! At you can shop an amazing range of sports apparel and equipment. It particularly specialises in cycling, running, swimming. It also has a special triathlon section that contains essential equipment and accessories for triathlon participants. Shop now and enjoy free international delivery, as well as Wiggle coupon codes and discounts available on our site.

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A bit of history


Wiggle is older than you might think. The company started as Butlers Cycles in 1920! The company was selling bikes at that time in Portsmouth. In 1999, it split into a new company named Wiggle Ltd., which sold sport accessories online. Right now, Wiggle ships its products to over 70 countries and has website in many languages. The company has won numerous awards, for example Hitwise Top 10 Award for ‘Sports and Fitness Industry’ in 2010, or the News Business Excellence Awards in 2012. The stuff that you meet in local stores are not people who were hired there by accident, these people are passionate about running, swimming and cycling, so they will be able to advise you with your shopping. And don't worry if you aren't able to visit a local store, there are experts waiting to help you on the website as well. No wonder their slogan is “Passion, performance, perfection”.

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So let's see exactly what you can buy at Wiggle.

Cycle – the company specialises in selling all kinds of bikes. You can buy a comfortable, classy bike to ride in the city on Sunday afternoons or a bike that will get you to work safely everyday. On the other hand, you might be interested in a mountain bike or a road bike, where in both cases the most important are endurance and components of the highest quality. And of course you can find clothes good for any weather, cycling accessories like bags and cycling shoes.

Run – running is one of these sports where almost all you need is a will to overcome your weakness. But of course, you will need running shoes! Shoes are very important in running, no matter whether you run a couple of kilometres or run in a marathon. Your shoes must be adjusted to the terrain on which you run. When you run in the forest, they mustn't slip on leaves and mud, while when you run on asphalt, they must reduce the impact that it makes on your spine. If you want to see what other kinds of shoes you can buy at Wiggle, see the Run category for yourself.

Swim – just like in case of cycling and running, you will find products regardless of your level of expertise. If you are a professional swimmer who takes part in competitions, then you will appreciate the highest quality swimwear, glasses and headwear. If you just like swimming from time to time, you can be sure to find something perfect for yourself as well. And what about diving? Check out Wiggle wetsuits!

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Triathlon – this discipline combines all the three mentioned above. It is very comfortable to have the products in one category, and besides, people from Wiggle arranged the collection so that you can browse only the products of the highest quality. And the Wiggle stuff know exactly what they are doing. You probably aren't aware of that, but they won the 220 Triathlon Awards ten times!

Using Wiggle promo codes


Okay, by now you must have trainings planned for the following two years, when you know what cool stuff you can buy at Wiggle. What about saving some money? It's very easy, just follow this instruction or go to the shorter version at the end.

Go to

When you visit our website, look for Wiggle. You will find all the promotions that are available at the moment. Click Get the Deal if you are interested in a particular deal, that's all you have to do to pay less. Or click Reveal the Code, and later on during the checkout, apply the code. So look carefully what is offered and pick something for yourself.

Shopping time

Now it's time to shop. Remember that if you are not sure what parameters your bike should have or what kind of running shoes you need, you can always chat with an expert who will give you a good piece of advice. As for now, what would you say about these shoes?

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Wiggle promo codes

When you're finished, proceed to basket. It's the time to use your coupon code. Look for the Gift voucher field, paste your code there and click Add Code.

here you can enter your Wiggle promo code


If you have an account at Wiggle, you can log in with your email address and password. If you are a new customer, you have to specify all necessary information.

Provide your delivery address and the delivery method. You can be certain that your precious products will be delivered to you in a perfect condition.

Choose the payment method and confirm your order. When that's done, pay the reduced price for your shopping.

Short version

  1. Go to
  2. Search for Wiggle.
  3. Choose your products.
  4. In the basket, add your Wiggle promo code.
  5. Checkout and pay.

See, you have saved your money! If you enjoyed shopping with Wiggle, what would you say about checking out the hot deals and promotions at Surfstitch, Platypus Shoes and The Athlete's Foot?

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