More about RACQ:

The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland


The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland is a club that offers services like roadside assistance, travel, finance and insurance to its members. Club formed in the year 1905 and during those hundred and more years of service, they have been taking care of Australian petrolheads in many areas. What can you expect from them if you are a member? Well, let’s see…


Aussie Assist

If you or any of your immediate relative become ill or find themselves in need of assistance during travels further than 100km from home, they will provide necessary help. When an emergency happens, you can call their call centre 24/7 and they will assist you in any way necessary. Imagine a sad situation when you are travelling and become sick and continuing driving is not an option and you’re too far from home for your friends and family to come and fetch you. In this case, RACQ will provide an accommodation for you; travel back home and they will return your vehicle to you. But not every emergency is connected with our health. Some of them are connected with the „health” of our car. So if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, the club will try to find spare parts for you. Or you can just call them with any travel-related question you might have - a directions to the nearest hospital, advice on what to do after a car crash etc. So what do you get? A peace of mind, so there’s nothing that will stand in the way between you and the road.


Free of charge car brokerage service

Looking for a new car? If you are a member of RACQ then you can save up to $170 on car brokerage, because RACQ members are entitled to use Private Fleet’s car brokerage service free of charge. You can use the knowledge and advice of hundreds of experts that will help you choose the best model for you. Or when you already have a particular model in mind, you can use the national dealer network to find you the best deal for your new set of wheels. You can even get a loan at RACQ when you’re short on money for your dream car. Right after that you can insure your car without leaving your home. And if it comes to advice, club can assist you in number of things. They have guidebooks on many different topics - like buying a car, maintaining a car, unusual situations, safety on the road and many more. And don’t worry if you didn’t find the information you’re looking for. You can still call them and just ask. You can also use RACQ website to check the prices of gas in your area, so you can always find reliable gas station where you won’t overpay.

RACQ Lifestyle

For an additional $26 per year you get access to RACQ Lifestyle package, which includes discounts and special offers at many different places. Enjoy new movies with up to $45% off your cinema tickets purchased through RACQ. Connect your VISA card with RACQ Lifestyle and eat out for less, because every time you visit a participating restaurant and use your VISA to pay for your meal, 10-20% will come back to you! You can also use RACQ discounts app available for Android and iOS to find further savings at events, concerts and theme parks. Sometimes your RACQ card will work as a voucher, because there are well over 1000 retail partners around Australia that will give extra discounts for RACQ members. Movie tickets, package holidays, shopping for clothes, zoos, restaurants and many more. Why shouldn’t you save some money in those places?

Discount apps

Follow the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their current hot offers and promotions. If you love your car as much as the traveling itself, you should check out 4WD Supa Centre for some cool gadgets to improve your comfort during your travels.