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What is a perfect website? Why is it necessary nowadays to have a site if you're a business owner? It's currently your first point of contact with prospective clients and customers which is why you should pay attention to what it says and what it looks like. Crazy Domains is your provider of not just domains but all other services related to internet hosting.

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Picodi operates on the internet by providing its users with the most extensive collection of vouchers and codes. It's completely free which means anyone can sign up and start saving money today. Try it yourself today and see how much you and your business can retain.

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Noting beats personalized service, especially when you know that your needs will be met in every aspect. However, not everyone can afford to hire a graphic designer, especially if their business is currently struggling or if they are just starting out. You can get most of the Crazy Domains' services when you fully explore what they are.

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The first thing you should do is decide on your domain name. you can check if it's available or how much it will cost when you click on "Domains." If you already have one, you can renew it or transfer it from another hosting provider. And then, when you do that, you can also opt for a hosting place. How does it work? Imagine that your domain is a house. The house has to sit on the land as it doesn't float on air. Hosting is the land you need to buy to have your website function correctly.

Additionally to website hosting, you can get email hosting, site and email protection, SSL certificates and cloud backup. Now, onto the website itself. You can either request to have your site designed for you by specialists working with Crazy Domains or do it by yourself. The second option is indeed a cheaper one, and it shouldn't take you more than an hour to complete it. Need branding? Get a logo and brand designed in under 48 hours.

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Ok, so now that you have your domain, hosting, website, why not market it a little bit to get additional exposure on the net? Crazy Domains offers traffic booster, web analytics, business directory, simple SEO help and email marketing. Don't we all love newsletters? If the needs of your business are bigger and more complicated, you can also go for a server: you can choose from Linux, Windows, and a custom made one.

More often than not, when you buy services and products in a package, the entire thing will be cheaper and so is the case with Crazy Domains. Get an online startup, business builder, and ultimate empire at a great price that will not ruin your budget but will do the trick.

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When you decide to use Crazy Domains, all that is left to do is learn a little bit about saving money in the process. Follow these simple steps and:

  • Subscribe to Picodi to make sure that you are always up to date with promotions and saving opportunities. When an email comes to you, and you see that a code or a coupon have been added, click on the link, and you will be redirected to Picodi.
  • View all promotions in detail and check their expiration date. Some deals expire as soon as the day ends so act fast if necessary. If there is a promo code, you should copy it and retain for later.
  • Go to Crazy Domains' website and browse services you're interested in. Try to be flexible because you might find something even more interesting. Register an account because if you are going to come back in the future, it will speed up the purchasing process.
  • Then, add your product or service to your online cart. It's just like shopping at any other store. When you're finished, enter your code, leave your details and make the payment. It's as simple as that.

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