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Shop using discount codes on Picodi and collect cashback for every purchase at our partner stores

Meet Picodi

Meet Picodi

Picodi (formerly International Coupons) is a Polish company creating a multilingual platform helping Internet users save their money on online shopping. The website started back in 2010 and since then has helped hundreds of millions of Internet users save over a billion dollars on their purchases online.

Saving money with Picodi is possible thanks to dedicated promo codes, coupon codes, promotions and cashback.

Currently, our team counts over 100 people, who work every day in order to prepare detailed information about the most important current and upcoming promotions for our users, as well as verify the database of thousands of promo codes and coupons so that our offer is the best available on the market!

Reduce prices

How to reduce prices with Picodi?

The promo codes shared on our website will allow you to reduce the total price of your order. Almost every online shop has a dedicated field for entering promo codes during the checkout process. Usually, this field is simply called ‘promo code’ or ‘coupon code’ or ‘voucher code’.

Picodi Cashback

What’s Picodi Cashback?

Picodi Cashback is our free service which allows you to get back some of the money you spend at online shops – 7 thousand shops in total. All you have to do is create a Picodi account and activate this service before each purchase. This can be done on our website, through our Picodi browser extension or in the mobile app. After you activate it, just do your shopping as usual and we will send the money to your Picodi Cashback account after a few hours. 

The cashback amount depends on the shop and product category. Usually, the amount returned varies from 1 to 10%. Cashback on electronics amounts to 1–4%, clothing – 5–10%, cosmetics – about 5%, and even 50% on computer software!

The cashback you collect is not points that you can spend only in select shops. It’s real money that you can withdraw to your bank account.

Picodi account

How to create a Picodi account?

The account can be created for free on our website or in the Picodi mobile app. All you have to do is enter your email and set a password. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook, Google or Apple ID.

How to properly activate cashback?

  • Cashback on website

    On Picodi website:

    1. Log in to your Picodi account
    2. Search for the shop you’d like to do your shopping in
    3. Check the cashback terms and conditions on the shop’s subpage
    4. Click ‘Activate Cashback’
    5. You will be redirected to the shop’s website, where you can do your shopping as usual.
  • Cashback in mobile app

    In Picodi mobile app:

    1. Log in to your Picodi account
    2. Search for the shop you’d like to do your shopping in
    3. Click ‘Activate Cashback’ and proceed with your shopping.
  • Cashback in extension

    In Picodi extension:

    1. Log in to your Picodi account in the Picodi extension
    2. Go to the shop you’d like to do your shopping in;
    3. You will receive a notification in which the extension will let you know that you can earn cashback in your shop
    4. Click ‘Activate Cashback’ in the notification and continue with your shopping.
  • Bank card Bank card
  • Bank account Bank account
  • PayPal
  • Binance

How to withdraw cashback accumulated on Picodi?

Picodi allows for cashback to be withdrawn to your:

  • Bank card
  • Bank account
  • PayPal account
  • cryptocurrencies (including USDT and BNB).

Depending on your country, the list of available cashback withdrawal methods may vary.

Withdrawal process

How long does the withdrawal process take?

We do our best to process the withdrawal orders as quickly as possible. When all the data is correct, the withdrawal process may take up to 3 business days. In rare cases, this period may extend up to two weeks.

Picodi mobile app

Picodi mobile app

For the enjoyers of mobile shopping, we have created a mobile app available both on iOS and Android devices. Go to AppStore or Google Play, search for ‘Picodi’ in the search bar and download our app from there.

Alternatively, you can download the app directly from these links: Picodi in AppStore, Picodi in Google Play.

Google PlayApp Store
Picodi extension

Picodi extension

The extension is a free tool that helps to save money on online shopping. When you visit the shop’s website, the extension will let you know what promo codes are available and allow you to enable cashback in one click.

Google ChromeSafariMozilla Firefox

The extension can be downloaded in the Chrome Web Store, in the Firefox extensions library or in the Mac AppStore.